Product Information

Packing Information:

Maharaja retail pack for the rosted coffee packed in 200g/pack for specialty coffee available in grounded or whole beans, with colorful foil bag and tin tie and product label to distinguish between coffee origins, and 100g pack for Wild Kopi Luwak origins, sometime with gift boxes.

Wild Kopi Luwak also available in 3-drip (single serve) packed into the transparent box.

Expire date

Reading We try to keed the roasted bean as fresh as possible by suppling weekly basis, However all the roasted bean from Maharaja Coffee expired within 365 days from the date of roasting/production, but most of or product in the retail shop will draw before the expired date, we try to keep only 120 days in the market.

Please refer to the Ring of Flavor to identify the coffee freshness:

Enjoy the coffee as fresh as possible!