Hamburg Coffee fans like Luwak Coffee


Maharja Coffee is the sponsor for Kopi Luwak coffee in the “Indonesia Cofee Day” on 6 October 2009 at Die Rösterei Café, Hamburg, in the spirit of 64th anniversary of Indonesian Independence and 4th German’s Coffee Day (Tags des Kaffees).

Hamburg Coffee fans like Luwak Coffee

As highlight of the event, all guesses are provided with the opportunity to taste different types of Indonesian coffees. Gayo Coffee from Aceh, Papua Coffee, Flores Coffee, Toraja Coffee from Sulawesi and Kopi Luwa. Luwak Coffee from Sumatra made the stars of the night. It is a public knowledge that Indonesian coffee is amongst the most expensive coffee in German retail market. Some of the guesses acknowledged that Luwak coffee tastes unique and delightful compared to other types of coffee.

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